Friday, July 12, 2013

Princesses: Coco Loco!

This week on Princesses: Long Island we saw changes in friendships, relationships and even personalities!  "Coco Loco" didn't skimp on any of the drama we've fallen in love with, as you can ascertain by the title, and has me waiting anything but patiently for Sundays.  Let's dive right into this episode of Princesses: Long Island!

Channel's little sister's big day is coming up which has ignited mixed feelings.  While Channel is happy for her sister to be married, the pressure on her is just intensified.  This week we saw Channel, her sister, and her mother going wedding dress shopping (only one part of the enormous amount of planning Channel is at the center of).  When they introduced themselves to the clerk she asked if Channel was the younger sister, which to some might be considered a compliment but to Channel it just brought up a wave of emotions.  To top it off their mother was constantly commenting on how she's dreamt of this day and how she cannot wait for Channel's wedding day as well.  This could be interpreted as motherly confidence, she's sure that the day will soon arrive, but to Channel it just brought up more stress and was a reminder of her feelings of failure - not only by not being the first to marry, but also that she has no real prospects.  While Channel's wedding day might be a little further off than she hopes, I really do believe that she will soon find love.

With Channel being to stressed over the wedding planning, she backed out of a speed dating event and Joey was chosen to take her place.  Although I had high hopes for Casey, Ashlee and Joey, unfortunately no suitors were found and an already shaky friendship was completely shattered.  The men were nothing short of awkward, but it was Joey who took the cake on unrefined behavior that not only shocked the potential suitors but also her companions.  I understand a little humor, but Joey came off as tasteless, unhinged and "low class" with her questions about the men's penis size, their previous sexual partners and more.  It got to the point where Casey and Ashlee were embarrassed to even be associated with her.  In my original review of the show I named Joey the South Beach girl, whose attitude is a front for her insecurities from not coming from a wealthy family, and rather than breaking through that stereotype she is solidifying it.  Her strong-woman attitude doesn't make the girls see her as one of them, it makes them think she is classless.  She should just be herself and if I'm wrong and that is who she is deep down, it's not very deep as her comments are offensive and her actions don't make her part of their circle, they exclude her from it.  In total the speed dating was a disaster and while Ashlee got a date out of it, between her father Hal's meet and greet like it's prom night and the obvious incompatibility, the experience turned out to be a complete failure.    

Joey was shone in a positive light when out with Erica supposedly to help Joey meet a man, but instead she acted like Erica's babysitter trying to keep her from jumping on every man they met.  While at this point everyone has told Erica that this type of behavior is not appropriate, especially with a boyfriend, she still doesn't seem to get the picture: flirting with anyone in reaching distance and giving her number to random men she just met is not okay.  However, we did find out at the end of this episode, that after some kind of drunken binge, Rob helped pull her through and she had made the decision to actually commit, or as she puts it "after sitting on the pot for so long you have to chose whether to shit or get up and she's shitting".  While I'm happy she's finally settling down, only time will tell if she will actually tone down her partying ways or like the cheating girlfriend just become the cheating spouse. 

Amanda held an unusual launch party for the Drink Hanky that became a tumultuous evening for everyone.  A few strange things about her event were; it was held at a salon, it was totally financed by the owner, and while at normal launch parties gift bags with the product are given to the invitees, the Drink Hanky's were being pushed on everyone to purchase.  Nevertheless it was a success as they sold more than their goal.  Unfortunately, Amanda's good fortune didn't keep everyone happy for long as during the party on the dance floor Channel claimed there was a woman taking ice chips out of her cup and throwing them at her which was followed by the woman tossing her entire drink in Channel's face.  Channel went off like a switch and charged like a dog without a leash at the woman causing a plethora of people to tear them apart.  When the girls tried to calm her down, Channel was clearly disappointed by her behavior and everyone chalked it up to the stress of her sister's wedding.  Afterwards, when Channel was obviously upset and the owner was furious asking people to get out of his shop, Joey worsened the situation by acting immaturely in an attempt to give Ashlee a taste of her own medicine.  While Ashlee was trying to diffuse the situation and directing everyone to back off, Joey ignored her and pushed her way through practically walking over Ashlee to get information about what was happening from Amanda.  She is just so rude!  All in all everyone went back outside which yielded Channel fighting with the same woman compounded with Joey yelling at Ashlee, only making the situation worse, until Channel and Ashlee left while the others continued to party.  Success and failure were blended into a night that was nothing short of interesting.

This week's episode, Coco Loco, was a fusion of a never-before seen side of Channel and the obnoxious side of Joey we've become accustomed to.  I look forward to seeing if Erica keeps her word and how the dynamics of the group change with Casey and Ashlee being done with Joey.  We'll have to wait and see on Sunday's new episode of Bravo's east-coast hit, Princesses: Long Island!

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