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The Latest form The Princesses: Intermenschion

So, first let me apologize that this is coming out so late in the week, I've had some DVR issues and an unusually busy schedule.  But enough with my excuses, let's dive into this episode of Princesses: Long Island, Intermenschion, because there was some hilarious content, new personality discoveries, and interesting business ideas that are just begging to be written down!

This week we saw Erica falling down the slippery slope.  While in the beginning I wasn't sure how she would play out, it has become crystal clear that she hasn't changed since high school.  After betraying her boyfriend at the club in the previous episode, we see him try to have a serious conversation about their relationship.  While he makes it clear that he wants to settle down, a partnership that is going somewhere, a faithful girlfriend who will someday be his wife and the mother of his children she just buffs him off and strings him along.  Erica claims he is bugging her to much, she is smothered and if she needs a few days or a few weeks to herself she should get that.  Sure, in a casual relationship but not in one heading towards marriage.  She also toots her own horn quite a bit about being a fun, attractive, outgoing girl so of course guys are going to hit on and text her.  This is why she will always be the mistress.  She basically whores herself out there getting drunk, giving out her number to random men, flirting with anyone in reach and hooking up with people she just met in a club bathroom.  Unlike the other Princesses she isn't looking for Mr. Right, she is looking for Mr. Right Now and poor Rob is being strung along as a back-up plan for when those guys are with there real girlfriends.  You ever wonder why Beyoncé changed her music from "Bug a Boo" to "Put a Ring on It"?  She grew up!  Rob even gave her an out, saying that if she wasn't serious they should just stop, but she weaseled out of the conversation claiming she needed time, food and rest before she re-addressed the issue.  I think that she is just holding onto him so he's there when she wants him and invisible when she's with someone else.  I also believe her need to constantly compliment herself, like it's not her fault guys like her, atop of holding onto Rob when she's just not that into him, stems from some insecurity in which the boys, the drugs and the alcohol drown out.  They make her that "it girl" again, when deep down she knows she's not.  Erica's reckless behavior reaches out to her friendships this week when she had plans with Channel and Amanda to go out to help Channel get over her ex and out there again but she ditched them with little explanation or communication.  Then when all the girls planned a breakfast together, she didn't bother showing up or calling for that either.  I understand that Erica wants to have fun, and when did "29 become the new 34", but she is doing it at the price of her friends and her boyfriend.  Erica is all about Erica and just like when she stole Casey's boyfriend in high school she doesn't care who she hurts along the way.  She is also at a point where too much partying is damaging her image, her relationships and herself.  Everyone in Long Island seems to realize that Erica has hit this low and in an effort to help Casey and Channel plan a mini-vention to try to bring her into the light everyone else is seeing her in.

I would have to classify this "intervention" as an Epic Fail.  Erica is not the sharpest crayon in the box and Channel and Casey's surprise visit and beating around the bush didn't help at all.  It was both laugh-out-loud funny and painful to watch as Erica's ADD kicked in the minute she opened the door and was over the whole thing, I believe that's what they call denial.  Casey's references to stars dying in bathtubs and Channel's comments on her eggs going bad made it clear no one in that room was having the same conversation.  I get it, Channel was addressing the fact that it's time for Erica to lay down the bottle and start looking for a husband and Casey was addressing the dangers of Erica's partying.  They probably should have rehearsed the situation and got on the same page before trying to kindly lay it out for Erica, but while it was not effective at least it was entertaining.  After they left the failed intervention Erica's conversation with her mother shed a lot of light on where Erica got her personality.  Rather than having any concern that her daughter's friends are worried about her drinking and partying, she just agrees with her daughter goading her on about how it's so high school for them to gang up on her even though the whole group wanted to do an intervention and they chose the less invasive approach.  Her mom also comments about that's how girls are always bitching and complaining and it's so much better to have guy friends, I agree with the statement completely but there is a difference in having guy friends and leaning on, hitting on and hooking up with random guys for support.  A bitchy girlfriend is still better than a one night stand.  While it was hard to discern what the intervention was about, Erica got a bit of the message about her partying and ditching her friends but just gave excuses and her mother strangely backed them up.  Anyhow it wasn't a huge disaster like some of the girls thought when Casey decided to participate but it was just blown off and now that Erica's friend, boyfriend and even her frienemy told her she has an issue in this episode, maybe it's time to stop making excuses and realize your doing something wrong. 

This week we also got to take a look into two of the girls' business ventures and I must say they were both interesting.  Amanda has her brand the Drink Hanky, a fashionable cover for your to go beverages.  It's a unique idea and I admire that she really takes a hands on approach to all aspects of her company.  Her best friend and male twin helps with the creative aspect and the photography, she sews them herself, which I'm sure will change when they are mass produced, and she didn't take herself too seriously when it came to the photo-shoot.  Turning the obnoxious construction noise into an impromptu picture opportunity in the street was awesome.  Her work is fun and it's even a better idea than structured shoots because it shows her using the product in an everyday situation which is the point.  I didn't think she would, but Amanda is growing on me.  I think it is seeing her away from boyfriend Jeff and in situations where she; is a supporting daughter with a girls night out for Babs, showing disapproval and a strong moral fiber with Erica, being a caring friend in Channel's time of need, a loving and respectful girlfriend when out on the town and a savvy fun business woman attempting to launch her own creation to the world.  We also see Joey working on her brand the Kissamint, a duel chapstick/breath freshener, which just doesn't do it for me.  I don't think it is a great idea and opposed to Amanda's home-based business, Joey is throwing a lot of money into a market that is already flooded with every kind of lipstick, lipgloss, chapstick, breath mint etc.. In addition instead of working with friends in a low-cost environment, she has partnered up with an executive and instead of taking his inputs seriously, she ignores his advice, challenges his ideas and complains constantly about his personality - so why is she paying him?  His ideas are good, valid and better than her own when it comes to the fact that she named the chapstick/breath freshener hybrid Kissamint but doesn't want it associated with kissing.  I am not sure who she plans on marketing this to, she claims it is the business woman who can go to a meeting and freshen up, but I'm sure she is using name brand lipsticks for all her scenes and not some mid-level chapstick just because it has Mentos attached to it.  Joey's dad also questions her business decisions and I have to say on this front I feel for her.  It's devastating always trying to please a parent and nothing is good enough.  I've dealt with this my whole life.  I was an awesome student, in all AP classes at the top prep school and so advanced in math I did duel enrolment at my local college as a junior, never got into any trouble but when I asked to go see a special one-time midnight showing of a movie got denied.  It felt intolerable!  I've learned from it and realized a lot of my parents concerns were well founded but also that their expectations were astronomical and make different choices for my own kids.  I'm not even Joey's age and have come to the realization that parents say and do these things because they care, they are not always the best messengers, but it's a good message.  I agree that Joey's approach to her business is all wrong and she is dumping a lot of money that will only go big from its Bravo advertising if that.  It's not a great concept or business model, but you never know maybe a mid-rate chapstick with a breath mint on the other end will be the next big fad.  While Amanda has won me over, Joey is still a thorn in my side putting everyone down with a tough girl front while refusing advice from all sides.       

Finally we saw some Casey and Ashlee bonding as they shopped for heels, Ashlee's own therapy for her height impediment.  They are awesome!  They always make me smile and have found a perfect symbiotic relationship, where Casey loves Ashlee's humorous personality that keeps her smiling and Ashlee appreciates Casey's genuine nature.  If one of them was a man it would be a match made in heaven!  While Ashlee flirts openly and lightheartedly with every cute man, she still calls home to daddy to approve her $5000 spree.  The funny thing was, when Ashlee said she needed to call the boss before making her purchase, the clerk new it was her dad!  I guess she just oozes "paid for by parents", but she gets away with it with her lovable personality and approachability rather than a stuck up heiress.  Kudos and lots of love for these two!                          

Overall this was a great episode and we saw some new sides to the girls that we haven't seen before.  While some are shattering their stereotypes, others are playing right into them and I'm about to lose hope.  I'm excited to see what's to come and you should be too, as Princesses: Long Island does to the east what Shahs of Sunset did for the west; although they all share the common bond of living the traditional Jewish way, finding a man and making a name for themselves they all do it their own way, on their own time and with their own attitude.

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