Saturday, July 20, 2013

Princesses: Long Island - Who Are You, the Pope?

This week on Princesses: Long Island we saw friendships strengthened and broken as the girls took sides on the rift between Joey and Ashlee that has been widening since the first episode.  We also got a look at new relationships as both Amanda and Erica prepare to take things to the next step while Chanel tries to just get through a first date.  Nevertheless there was plenty of drama to go around, so let's dive right into the newest episode of Princesses, "Who Are You, the Pope?".

This week we saw Joey, Erica and Amanda create somewhat of an alliance when Joey reached out about her issues with Ashlee.  I find Joey and Erica perfectly suited to be best buds, as they share a kinship of not really caring about other people's feelings, after Joey was so apathetic to Amanda's pleads for help in the first episode, when Amanda and Jeff were being socially accosted by Joey's strange "facebook pal", I find Amanda to be a strange fit.  Joey complained about her encounters with Ashlee and went off about being so offended by being called a bad person. This is so hypocritical because she went out of her way to butt in to Ashlee and Chanel's conversation with a potential suitor and publicly said she mas mortified by Ashlee's behavior, then after everyone at speed dating was offended by Joey's actions she again publicly called them out spouting nasty comments, and finally at Amanda's launch party she walked over Ashlee, called her "Mama Dukes" and continued to accost her throughout the night.  Why is it okay for Joey to constantly say nasty things, but because she thinks her comments are funny she casts Ashlee as the mean one?  They also touched on the subject that Ashlee had sent texts to both Erica and Amanda warning them about Joey.  I think this got widely misinterpreted.  Just like Joey reached out to them, Ashlee did the same with hurt feelings and concern that Joey would turn on them just as she bullied her.  Although Joey paraphrased the text messages to make it seem like Ashlee was instructing the girls to stay away from Joey, if you pay attention to what the actual message was that is not what she said.  Instead it was a warning to her friends, so they wouldn't get hurt, rather than a rule or statement not to associate with her. 

Joey decided to try to meet Ashlee to work out their differences and I was appalled at Joey's actions.  While I think that Ashlee does come off as an elitist, as her overconfidence makes up for her insecurities about her height, I think that she gave Joey a fair number of chances before she began looking down on her.  Joey however, came off as a bully repeatedly interrupting Ashlee, putting words into her mouth, and the straw that broke the camel's back was when she called Ashlee "funny looking".  Ashlee tried her best to enlighten Joey of her mean girl ways, but Joey didn't even try to hear her out and with the attitude she brought with her I don't even know why she made the meeting if she wasn't even going to try.  She then followed Ashlee out of the restaurant, still verbally accosting her, and did a complete change of attitude from bully to victim in record time by ultimately calling Amanda and breaking down into tears.  Joey suffers from her own insecurities about coming from less money, she puts on a tough girl act and repeatedly makes jabs but when Ashlee and others don't find that personality to be charming she is severely emotionally hurt because her underlining feelings of not measuring up come out.  It didn't help that Joey's actions made Ashlee feel disgusted and like Joey was classless thus she acted in an "I'm better than you way" which resulted in pulling out Joey's biggest insecurity.  They all have issues, everyone does, but Joey needs to understand that her actions aren't helping her fit in they're hurting her and if she doesn't stop acting like a bull and charging at people more will be hurt by her words.   

With Ashlee and Casey quickly forming a bond, it was time to meet the parents.  Although the awkward environment of treating Casey like she was a new boyfriend, Ashlee's parents seemed to enjoy her company and were pleased that their daughter found a genuine friend.  While talk about Joey pursued, overall it was a good meal and a positive step towards their new friendship.

We also saw Amanda interacting with Jeff's parents and other than her non-kosher faux pas they seem to interact well with hopes of a promising family unit one day.  Since the beginning of the season we have seen Amanda and Jeff's undying love and while Amanda insists publicly that they are getting married, she doesn't have a ring or a proposal and I have never heard Jeff claim the same.  Nevertheless they seem very much in love, and they tell each other so every two seconds, even though they have only been in a relationship for a short while.  Amanda complains to Erica that her mom Babs, while fun and a friend, doesn't act like a mother figure enough.  However, when Amanda brings up the idea of her marrying Jeff, Babs takes to her role easily protesting that they haven't been together long enough and, though she likes him, it takes more time to really know someone.  Instead of seeing this as motherly advice, as being a mother means you don't always say what your child wants to hear, but rather jealously that her daughter is in a relationship and she isn't.  I think Babs' comments come from a place of love and experience and since we are yet to see any deep conversations or even a petty rift, I would have to agree that it is vital they actually talk about their needs, wants, dreams, anything instead of constantly complimenting one another before they take the plunge.    

Rather than to begin to work on their relationship issues, party less and become more committed to each other, Erica and Rob decide to move in together.  While this is a common step today amongst younger lovers, it's certainly not the step of a "princess" atop that we aren't talking about a one bedroom apartment like my husband and I started out in, Rob is looking to buy a million dollar starter house for a relationship already on the rocks.  Although Erica's faithfulness had come into question in every episode, it's a huge step forward for her to even consider this type of commitment.  Erica's comments on pregnancy prove she is nowhere near ready to have a child, even my husband who overheard her fears of pregnancy commented that she shouldn't be a mother.  While I don't want to make as broad a statement as that, if her concerns about pregnancy are as self-centered as getting fat, swollen ankles and the condition of her vagina then she has no idea how much actually comes after the birth, that loving, caring and raising children makes all your needs come last. 

Luckily Chanel's love life is looking up as her sister sets her up with the best man to be at her wedding.  While he's cute and very into Chanel, the sparks don't seem to fly.  One thing that surprised me was that there seems to be two sides to her; there is CoCo the fun outgoing bomb on the dance floor and then there is Chanel much more shy and reserved making it hard for them to strike up a good conversation.  I was also a bit taken back by the idea that Chanel (and Ashlee) aren't well trained in the home life.  Although they live with their parents now, the whole idea is to meet a man, get married and have kids.  For this they should be learning how to cook, clean and be prepared to become mothers, however not only are they naive to the concept (Ashlee can't set a table or even steam broccoli) they seem against it.  For example, when Chanel's date talks about wanting a woman to care for him at home since he works so hard, this idea seemed to disgust her and completely turn her away from him ever becoming a serious love interest.

Overall I think the telephone game is a horrible happening on these shows as everything gets misinterpreted and some always gets hurt.  I also believe that Joey needs a filter between her brain and her mouth as even I saw her actions as classless and hurtful and I'm no princess!  Chanel and Ashlee clearly need to decide which path to take; learn how to be a good housewife or decide to be a working woman and get a job and finally Erica needs, well she needs far too much for me to sum up in one sentence.  The catfights continue and I can't wait to see the result!  Watch Princesses: Long Island Sundays on Bravo and check back here for recaps, reviews and interpretations of each episode here!  Enjoy!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Princesses: Coco Loco!

This week on Princesses: Long Island we saw changes in friendships, relationships and even personalities!  "Coco Loco" didn't skimp on any of the drama we've fallen in love with, as you can ascertain by the title, and has me waiting anything but patiently for Sundays.  Let's dive right into this episode of Princesses: Long Island!

Channel's little sister's big day is coming up which has ignited mixed feelings.  While Channel is happy for her sister to be married, the pressure on her is just intensified.  This week we saw Channel, her sister, and her mother going wedding dress shopping (only one part of the enormous amount of planning Channel is at the center of).  When they introduced themselves to the clerk she asked if Channel was the younger sister, which to some might be considered a compliment but to Channel it just brought up a wave of emotions.  To top it off their mother was constantly commenting on how she's dreamt of this day and how she cannot wait for Channel's wedding day as well.  This could be interpreted as motherly confidence, she's sure that the day will soon arrive, but to Channel it just brought up more stress and was a reminder of her feelings of failure - not only by not being the first to marry, but also that she has no real prospects.  While Channel's wedding day might be a little further off than she hopes, I really do believe that she will soon find love.

With Channel being to stressed over the wedding planning, she backed out of a speed dating event and Joey was chosen to take her place.  Although I had high hopes for Casey, Ashlee and Joey, unfortunately no suitors were found and an already shaky friendship was completely shattered.  The men were nothing short of awkward, but it was Joey who took the cake on unrefined behavior that not only shocked the potential suitors but also her companions.  I understand a little humor, but Joey came off as tasteless, unhinged and "low class" with her questions about the men's penis size, their previous sexual partners and more.  It got to the point where Casey and Ashlee were embarrassed to even be associated with her.  In my original review of the show I named Joey the South Beach girl, whose attitude is a front for her insecurities from not coming from a wealthy family, and rather than breaking through that stereotype she is solidifying it.  Her strong-woman attitude doesn't make the girls see her as one of them, it makes them think she is classless.  She should just be herself and if I'm wrong and that is who she is deep down, it's not very deep as her comments are offensive and her actions don't make her part of their circle, they exclude her from it.  In total the speed dating was a disaster and while Ashlee got a date out of it, between her father Hal's meet and greet like it's prom night and the obvious incompatibility, the experience turned out to be a complete failure.    

Joey was shone in a positive light when out with Erica supposedly to help Joey meet a man, but instead she acted like Erica's babysitter trying to keep her from jumping on every man they met.  While at this point everyone has told Erica that this type of behavior is not appropriate, especially with a boyfriend, she still doesn't seem to get the picture: flirting with anyone in reaching distance and giving her number to random men she just met is not okay.  However, we did find out at the end of this episode, that after some kind of drunken binge, Rob helped pull her through and she had made the decision to actually commit, or as she puts it "after sitting on the pot for so long you have to chose whether to shit or get up and she's shitting".  While I'm happy she's finally settling down, only time will tell if she will actually tone down her partying ways or like the cheating girlfriend just become the cheating spouse. 

Amanda held an unusual launch party for the Drink Hanky that became a tumultuous evening for everyone.  A few strange things about her event were; it was held at a salon, it was totally financed by the owner, and while at normal launch parties gift bags with the product are given to the invitees, the Drink Hanky's were being pushed on everyone to purchase.  Nevertheless it was a success as they sold more than their goal.  Unfortunately, Amanda's good fortune didn't keep everyone happy for long as during the party on the dance floor Channel claimed there was a woman taking ice chips out of her cup and throwing them at her which was followed by the woman tossing her entire drink in Channel's face.  Channel went off like a switch and charged like a dog without a leash at the woman causing a plethora of people to tear them apart.  When the girls tried to calm her down, Channel was clearly disappointed by her behavior and everyone chalked it up to the stress of her sister's wedding.  Afterwards, when Channel was obviously upset and the owner was furious asking people to get out of his shop, Joey worsened the situation by acting immaturely in an attempt to give Ashlee a taste of her own medicine.  While Ashlee was trying to diffuse the situation and directing everyone to back off, Joey ignored her and pushed her way through practically walking over Ashlee to get information about what was happening from Amanda.  She is just so rude!  All in all everyone went back outside which yielded Channel fighting with the same woman compounded with Joey yelling at Ashlee, only making the situation worse, until Channel and Ashlee left while the others continued to party.  Success and failure were blended into a night that was nothing short of interesting.

This week's episode, Coco Loco, was a fusion of a never-before seen side of Channel and the obnoxious side of Joey we've become accustomed to.  I look forward to seeing if Erica keeps her word and how the dynamics of the group change with Casey and Ashlee being done with Joey.  We'll have to wait and see on Sunday's new episode of Bravo's east-coast hit, Princesses: Long Island!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Property Envy & Interior Therapy

This Tuesday Bravo premiered two shows both starring the foul mouthed, eccentric, hypercritical prankster, Jeff Lewis.  While Interior Therapy is no stranger to Bravo, Property Envy is brand new to the network.  Both shows revolve around the world of real estate as Jeff Lewis is a well-known house flipper, interior designer and now he even has his own paint line.  Now watching Bravo on Tuesdays is like watching HGTV with a little snare.  So let's dive into Bravo's home night with Property Envy and Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis.

While Jeff also stars in Flipping Out, a show that revolves around his business and personal issues, Interior Therapy is just as much about each episode's crazy new client as it is about Jeff.  Each week Jeff and his assistant Jenny visit a new home that suffers from décor issues equally matched with the owners' personal problems.  They pick a room or area to renovate and attempt to not only reveal a stunning new space but also improve the lives of their clients.  While Jeff is persnickety and clashing with the clients is to be expected, his sharp tongue and willingness to say anything, no matter how offensive, makes the show humorous to watch in addition to its exceptional reveals.  I would have to advise you to tune in!  If you're into home improvement shows you get that plus so much more!  The personality clashes are entertaining to watch and even with Jeff's off the cuff comments it still provides a feel-good ending to see not only their home but their lives a little bit better after the team leaves.

Property Envy is all about spectacular homes across America and the expert panel comprised of Mary McDonald (Million Dollar Decorators), Jeff Lewis (Flipping Out) and Brandie Maylay (real estate expert) who tour the country's most unique and most expensive homes giving their thoughts and their price tags.  While the cast brings the show some much needed humor and lightens it up a bit, it reminds me of something on PBS at 2am.  It's boring!  Yes we get to peek into some spectacular real estate and they try to spice it up by adding a few games, but overall it is incredibly slow and not what I'm used to from Bravo. This is a genre that a lot of people like but it strays way off the beaten path from the normal drama we love from this station.   However, if you are interested in short clips of various over-the-top housing Property Envy is for you.   

When it comes down to it, I probably won't keep up with Property Envy because it's just not my cup of tea.  Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis however, brings viewer tons of drama, laughs and awesome remodels so it's a home run.  Tune in to Tuesdays on Bravo's to see both shows on their night dedicated to real estate and more importantly, Jeff Lewis.  Enjoy!          

Below Deck: All the Work You Never See

Bravo's new show, Below Deck, follows a luxury yacht as it wines, dines, entertains and transports high end clients for high end dollars.  This almost 200 foot yacht, The Honor, consists of a crew with: three girls who act as the maid service, the hostesses and the waitresses, a personal chef, three male deck hands, the illustrious captain and his right hand man who all work around the clock on private charters.  Yes, it's a bit like Gilligan's Island and there is no shortage of crazy on Below Deck.

Adrienne is the head stewardess, followed by 2nd and 3rd stewardesses Kat and Samantha.  While Adrienne is accused of being the uptight boss, if anything goes wrong it falls on her.  Kat plays out as the younger Kim Richards (RHOBH), a ditsy, fun-loving, slightly alcoholic, quirky blonde who always gets her job done while Samantha is a pain.  Constantly second guessing orders and talking back to her boss, she is a spoiled self-righteous child who thinks that growing up on a yacht means she understands the needs below deck.  I think that because she has a degree in engineering she holds herself higher than the others and took the job thinking it would be an easy break from the monotonous day-to-day.  In the show's first two episodes we find her napping, complaining she hasn't had a break for a shower or dinner and just not comprehending that during a charter they get paid ridiculous amounts of money to work 24 hours a day, then between clients have the freedom to do as they please.  Work hard - play hard, she just doesn't seem to understand the former.  I would never speak to my boss the way Samantha speaks to Adrienne, and while Adrienne may be a perfectionist and have high standards, so does her boss Captain Lee who won't hesitate to come down on her if the job isn't done right.  A great example of this was in the latest episode when Adrienne went to pick up more vegetables as their hypnotist clients had upwards of 15 "green" smoothies a day.  She said she doesn't trust anyone else to get the job done right and while she is gone Sam and Kat can't even figure out how to work the espresso machine, leaving the guests without their morning coffee.  I mean how can you blame her?  She takes her eyes off them for a second and all goes to hell.  While Adrienne might need to let loose the reins a bit, Samantha needs to understand that she is new to this and should be learning from Adrienne's expertise rather than challenging it.

The deck hands are comprised of Eddie, David and C.J and they are responsible for the care of the boat.  While there are fewer issues on the boys' side, C.J. also encounters some problems with following the rules.  He is perfect for Samantha as neither one seems to understand authority.  Although everyone on the boat tells him working without a shirt is unprofessional, including Captain Lee, he continues to defy them claiming he looks good without a shirt and the more they tell him the more he is going to work topless.  I just can't stand the lack of respect, it might be a fun job but it's a job nonetheless.  Ben is the laid back personal chef who is constantly concocting new dishes that always please the clients.  He is lucky as he has no real boss or staff to care for. Finally Lucas is the co-captain and, while a captain himself, he understands his place in the boat's hierarchy and is happy to please Captain Lee.  Maybe Samantha should take a page from Lucas's book as even though he has experience, which Samantha does not, he still follows the boss's orders and we haven't found him challenging his superior once.

Below Deck is an interesting new show and I haven't quite decided whether it will become a regular for me.  I like the aspect of having new charters with new clients in each episode, but I am less interested in their life off the boat.  The drama living and working in close quarters is no stranger to me and tensions can run high, which gives Below Deck a lot of potential.  I will just hang on for the ride and see where Bravo takes us in this new type of reality drama we haven't seen before.  As always Bravo managed to find a profession and a crazy group of people working it, that takes us into places we've never seen before, heck never even thought of before, with Below Deck.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bravo Blast!

Check back tomorrow for a Bravo Blast when I release my latest Real Housewives of New Jersey, Princesses: Long Island, Below Deck, Property Envy, & Interior Therapy Reviews!  Come gotta do it!

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The Latest form The Princesses: Intermenschion

So, first let me apologize that this is coming out so late in the week, I've had some DVR issues and an unusually busy schedule.  But enough with my excuses, let's dive into this episode of Princesses: Long Island, Intermenschion, because there was some hilarious content, new personality discoveries, and interesting business ideas that are just begging to be written down!

This week we saw Erica falling down the slippery slope.  While in the beginning I wasn't sure how she would play out, it has become crystal clear that she hasn't changed since high school.  After betraying her boyfriend at the club in the previous episode, we see him try to have a serious conversation about their relationship.  While he makes it clear that he wants to settle down, a partnership that is going somewhere, a faithful girlfriend who will someday be his wife and the mother of his children she just buffs him off and strings him along.  Erica claims he is bugging her to much, she is smothered and if she needs a few days or a few weeks to herself she should get that.  Sure, in a casual relationship but not in one heading towards marriage.  She also toots her own horn quite a bit about being a fun, attractive, outgoing girl so of course guys are going to hit on and text her.  This is why she will always be the mistress.  She basically whores herself out there getting drunk, giving out her number to random men, flirting with anyone in reach and hooking up with people she just met in a club bathroom.  Unlike the other Princesses she isn't looking for Mr. Right, she is looking for Mr. Right Now and poor Rob is being strung along as a back-up plan for when those guys are with there real girlfriends.  You ever wonder why Beyoncé changed her music from "Bug a Boo" to "Put a Ring on It"?  She grew up!  Rob even gave her an out, saying that if she wasn't serious they should just stop, but she weaseled out of the conversation claiming she needed time, food and rest before she re-addressed the issue.  I think that she is just holding onto him so he's there when she wants him and invisible when she's with someone else.  I also believe her need to constantly compliment herself, like it's not her fault guys like her, atop of holding onto Rob when she's just not that into him, stems from some insecurity in which the boys, the drugs and the alcohol drown out.  They make her that "it girl" again, when deep down she knows she's not.  Erica's reckless behavior reaches out to her friendships this week when she had plans with Channel and Amanda to go out to help Channel get over her ex and out there again but she ditched them with little explanation or communication.  Then when all the girls planned a breakfast together, she didn't bother showing up or calling for that either.  I understand that Erica wants to have fun, and when did "29 become the new 34", but she is doing it at the price of her friends and her boyfriend.  Erica is all about Erica and just like when she stole Casey's boyfriend in high school she doesn't care who she hurts along the way.  She is also at a point where too much partying is damaging her image, her relationships and herself.  Everyone in Long Island seems to realize that Erica has hit this low and in an effort to help Casey and Channel plan a mini-vention to try to bring her into the light everyone else is seeing her in.

I would have to classify this "intervention" as an Epic Fail.  Erica is not the sharpest crayon in the box and Channel and Casey's surprise visit and beating around the bush didn't help at all.  It was both laugh-out-loud funny and painful to watch as Erica's ADD kicked in the minute she opened the door and was over the whole thing, I believe that's what they call denial.  Casey's references to stars dying in bathtubs and Channel's comments on her eggs going bad made it clear no one in that room was having the same conversation.  I get it, Channel was addressing the fact that it's time for Erica to lay down the bottle and start looking for a husband and Casey was addressing the dangers of Erica's partying.  They probably should have rehearsed the situation and got on the same page before trying to kindly lay it out for Erica, but while it was not effective at least it was entertaining.  After they left the failed intervention Erica's conversation with her mother shed a lot of light on where Erica got her personality.  Rather than having any concern that her daughter's friends are worried about her drinking and partying, she just agrees with her daughter goading her on about how it's so high school for them to gang up on her even though the whole group wanted to do an intervention and they chose the less invasive approach.  Her mom also comments about that's how girls are always bitching and complaining and it's so much better to have guy friends, I agree with the statement completely but there is a difference in having guy friends and leaning on, hitting on and hooking up with random guys for support.  A bitchy girlfriend is still better than a one night stand.  While it was hard to discern what the intervention was about, Erica got a bit of the message about her partying and ditching her friends but just gave excuses and her mother strangely backed them up.  Anyhow it wasn't a huge disaster like some of the girls thought when Casey decided to participate but it was just blown off and now that Erica's friend, boyfriend and even her frienemy told her she has an issue in this episode, maybe it's time to stop making excuses and realize your doing something wrong. 

This week we also got to take a look into two of the girls' business ventures and I must say they were both interesting.  Amanda has her brand the Drink Hanky, a fashionable cover for your to go beverages.  It's a unique idea and I admire that she really takes a hands on approach to all aspects of her company.  Her best friend and male twin helps with the creative aspect and the photography, she sews them herself, which I'm sure will change when they are mass produced, and she didn't take herself too seriously when it came to the photo-shoot.  Turning the obnoxious construction noise into an impromptu picture opportunity in the street was awesome.  Her work is fun and it's even a better idea than structured shoots because it shows her using the product in an everyday situation which is the point.  I didn't think she would, but Amanda is growing on me.  I think it is seeing her away from boyfriend Jeff and in situations where she; is a supporting daughter with a girls night out for Babs, showing disapproval and a strong moral fiber with Erica, being a caring friend in Channel's time of need, a loving and respectful girlfriend when out on the town and a savvy fun business woman attempting to launch her own creation to the world.  We also see Joey working on her brand the Kissamint, a duel chapstick/breath freshener, which just doesn't do it for me.  I don't think it is a great idea and opposed to Amanda's home-based business, Joey is throwing a lot of money into a market that is already flooded with every kind of lipstick, lipgloss, chapstick, breath mint etc.. In addition instead of working with friends in a low-cost environment, she has partnered up with an executive and instead of taking his inputs seriously, she ignores his advice, challenges his ideas and complains constantly about his personality - so why is she paying him?  His ideas are good, valid and better than her own when it comes to the fact that she named the chapstick/breath freshener hybrid Kissamint but doesn't want it associated with kissing.  I am not sure who she plans on marketing this to, she claims it is the business woman who can go to a meeting and freshen up, but I'm sure she is using name brand lipsticks for all her scenes and not some mid-level chapstick just because it has Mentos attached to it.  Joey's dad also questions her business decisions and I have to say on this front I feel for her.  It's devastating always trying to please a parent and nothing is good enough.  I've dealt with this my whole life.  I was an awesome student, in all AP classes at the top prep school and so advanced in math I did duel enrolment at my local college as a junior, never got into any trouble but when I asked to go see a special one-time midnight showing of a movie got denied.  It felt intolerable!  I've learned from it and realized a lot of my parents concerns were well founded but also that their expectations were astronomical and make different choices for my own kids.  I'm not even Joey's age and have come to the realization that parents say and do these things because they care, they are not always the best messengers, but it's a good message.  I agree that Joey's approach to her business is all wrong and she is dumping a lot of money that will only go big from its Bravo advertising if that.  It's not a great concept or business model, but you never know maybe a mid-rate chapstick with a breath mint on the other end will be the next big fad.  While Amanda has won me over, Joey is still a thorn in my side putting everyone down with a tough girl front while refusing advice from all sides.       

Finally we saw some Casey and Ashlee bonding as they shopped for heels, Ashlee's own therapy for her height impediment.  They are awesome!  They always make me smile and have found a perfect symbiotic relationship, where Casey loves Ashlee's humorous personality that keeps her smiling and Ashlee appreciates Casey's genuine nature.  If one of them was a man it would be a match made in heaven!  While Ashlee flirts openly and lightheartedly with every cute man, she still calls home to daddy to approve her $5000 spree.  The funny thing was, when Ashlee said she needed to call the boss before making her purchase, the clerk new it was her dad!  I guess she just oozes "paid for by parents", but she gets away with it with her lovable personality and approachability rather than a stuck up heiress.  Kudos and lots of love for these two!                          

Overall this was a great episode and we saw some new sides to the girls that we haven't seen before.  While some are shattering their stereotypes, others are playing right into them and I'm about to lose hope.  I'm excited to see what's to come and you should be too, as Princesses: Long Island does to the east what Shahs of Sunset did for the west; although they all share the common bond of living the traditional Jewish way, finding a man and making a name for themselves they all do it their own way, on their own time and with their own attitude.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

RHONJ and Princesses: Long Island Upcoming!

Don't worry, I will have my Bravo updates for the latest episodes up soon, so check back before Sunday for all the drama from last week! Browse my other blogs on all of television's hottest shows in the mean time!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

RHONJ Update! It's My Party... & Gym Rats

With last week being Father's Day, I wasn't able to post - let alone watch - The New Jersey Housewives and their escapades.  So this week I am catching up on both episodes, It's My Party and I'll Fight If I Want To & Gym Rats and the one thing I can say about all the conflict is that it stems from gossip, he said-she said tattles, and when any of them finally get together to hash it out, they are all too upset to even hear the truth. 

Teresa seems to be the theme of the newest episode, supposedly causing drama everywhere, but the thing is she never even seems to be in the room, or the instigator of any of it (currently).  When Melissa goes home to report to her husband Joe on the events of Gia's birthday party, she doesn't have anything nice to say and just stirs up trouble.  First, she can't count.  I am not going to go into whether or not Teresa should care about Melissa visiting her father-in-law in the hospital because it's pointless.  Her father mentioned Melissa hadn't come to see him and it hurt Teresa.  She is entitled to her feelings.  Kim D. doesn't ever help the situation, but we all know this and should be over it at this point.  Kim is Teresa's friend, Teresa was upset and she shared it with her friend, probably not the best decision, but that's what friends are for.  Kim shouldn't have approached Melissa about a family matter but she did.  Melissa lied, she claimed she saw her father-in-law in the hospital the day after he went in.  He went to the hospital on Saturday, she went to see him on Wednesday, that is not the day after no matter how you look at it.  She then does a number of twists and turns to excuse her behavior, which means she knows she was wrong.  If she thought she did the right thing, she wouldn't need all the excuses.  She claimed that she had a sore throat, to quote her she "felt like she was swallowing glass" for two days which is why she waited.  Sure it's a good excuse, but is it true?  During these two days when she felt too bad to go see Joe & Teresa's father, she was at the gym working out and meeting up with other cast members, she seemed fine.  Even Kathy didn't believe her sore throat routine.  Melissa's other defense is that everyone should mind their own business and stay out of hers.  Seriously?  Then why are you on a reality TV show?  The whole premise is to let everybody into your life and your business, especially other cast members.  She fails on all fronts and just stirs the pot constantly while blaming Teresa for all the problems.  She needs to accept her fault in all the family issues and I really believe that a large part of the blame is on her.  Melissa claims that she is concerned that Teresa will say negative things about her to their children, and later Joe mimics the same line, but Melissa talks shit about Teresa in front of her children often and it is depicted on camera at least twice in the last two episodes, while I have yet to see Teresa do this at all (recently).  They are hypocrites and until they stop believing the bullshit they are spreading, only Melissa and Joe are to blame for their family's turmoil.  I find Melissa insinuating that Teresa is bi-polar was distasteful and out of line.  There are people who actually struggle with mental illness and I don't think that it is something that should be tossed around as an insult when she can't think of anything else negative to say.  So why did Teresa change her tone?  Probably because it was her daughter's birthday and it was time for cake and she wanted to put on a happy face to make the party enjoyable for her daughter.  That's not something to insult, but rather admire.  Aside from this debacle, we saw Melissa discussing her book about marriage.  With these housewives, there is always a book deal about something.  It was her relationship with her father that was the topic and we saw previous clips where Melissa regarded her husband, Joe, just like her father and that is why she loves and appreciates him so much.  But there is some disconnect in this story as all Melissa-tales go as she makes claims that her father was a cheater and would disappear for days at a time and she would find her mother in a ball crying over her father's actions.  For many daughters with unfaithful fathers issues arise in relationships regarding trust.  However while Melissa claims she has these repercussions, they are never visible and I don't understand why she would love her husband so much because he reminds her of her cheating father.  It just doesn't add up.           

I am really disappointed with Jacqueline this season in regards to Teresa.  She hears rumors and puts way too much truth in them. (You would think she would have learned her lesson as this was the cause of the rupture of their friendship last season.  In case you missed out, Jacqueline kind-of gossip magazine & website stalked Teresa and then worked herself up over the information, causing her to worry constantly about Teresa's bankruptcy and possible jail time.  She was upset that she was hearing the information second hand, when she confronted Teresa she was assured that if these were real problems she was experiencing Jacqueline would know.)  Now she says she wants nothing to do with the Guidices, but her actions don't back up her story.  She traveled 45 minutes out of her way to the gym Teresa frequents regularly, getting lost and having a panic attack on the way, to spend time with Melissa and Kathy.  Although she arrived after everyone was done working out, she heard Teresa was upset that Jacqueline was there.  Again with the rumors.  I think Teresa, like me, was just confused with why Jacqueline would travel so far, not even to work out, to go to a place where it was likely she would see Teresa.  Jacqueline also talks about reading a book about sociopaths a friend gave her to examine how similar the qualities were to Teresa's.  If she doesn't want anything to do with her, why spend your free time studying a mental-illness and trying to make connections?  In addition, I think that Jacqueline just sees what she wants to see, the list of similar traits were flimsy at best and could be applied to anyone.  For example, blaming others - that's what they all do, they hardly ever take responsibility for their own actions and if that's all it takes to be considered a sociopath - they all fit the bill!  I like Jacqueline and I understand that she was worried about her friend because of what she was reading, but she needs to take things straight from the horse's mouth.

Kathy threw a birthday party for her husband Richie and their daughter Victoria with friends and family.  It was a nice celebration until Marissa made a snide comment about hoping it was better than Teresa's daughter Gia's party.  This of course sparked everyone into discussing Teresa and Kathy's sister Rosie screaming drunken insults which upset birthday-girl Victoria.  I mean, who are the adults?  Kathy commented that Teresa ruined the party even though she wasn't there, but wasn't it really Melissa's fault who brought her up and Caroline's for saying that Teresa didn't want anything to do with them?   Again, none of this is actually from Teresa, it is just opinions, hearsay and slander.  Kathy is upset because Caroline said that Teresa is still hurt from Kathy calling her father a coward.  I feel crazy even writing that sentence!  Plus it is insane to call Teresa's elderly father a coward, give a simple I'm sorry and think that it's forgotten.  She very well might have forgiven Kathy, but that doesn't mean it's forgotten.  Unless Teresa & Kathy actually talk one-on-one about their issues all this gossip is just making a bad situation worse.  

Finally, I want to address the brother/sister blow-out gym scene with Joe & Teresa.  Teresa finally sees her brother after a  year of not talking and says her father would be upset if he knew they were in the same room and didn't even speak, but I think he would be more upset with his son's behavior when she extends the olive branch.  It has all the same tones as Joe's first scene ever on RHONJ at his son's christening when Teresa goes over to congratulate him and a literal fist fight pursues.  Yes, Joe seems like a nice guy.  He is fun at a party and does crazy things, but he holds on to so much and as we see in this scene he really isn't a good guy.  I admire Teresa for trying to talk to him, but she should know her brother.  He claims that Melissa isn't the problem and he isn't pussy whipped but that just isn't true.  He doesn't talk to his sister, he just hears Melissa's side, the little devil on his shoulder whispering nasty things about Teresa every chance she gets.  I think that it is a good thing for a man to stick up for his wife but not to be completely brainless and not asses the situation at all.  He says he's smart, but I'm not seeing it as his line of logic is completely flawed and all he does is see red and fly of the handle.  The things he said to his sister were disgusting, hurtful and uncalled for.  Throughout all the nasty comments it seems like Joe and Teresa didn't have anything to fight about other than their spouses.  Logical people should be able to look at the situation and just say; okay I don't like your wife & you don't like my husband, let's keep them out of our business and ask them to just be cordial with us as a family and move one.  I don't see Joe Gorga doing this ever.  And while Joe Gudice has plenty of nasty things to say about his in-laws it never sways Teresa the way that Melissa's comments sway Joe Gorga.  Again, no matter how I look at it, it always adds up to Melissa being the problem in the family.  Until Joe Gorga thinks for himself and doesn't hold every overheard rumor and every bitchy comment from Melissa over Teresa's head there will not be peace.  They need to just forgive and forget, move on, cause it is so ridiculous it is painful to watch.    

Like I said in the first place, all the gossip is the root of the problems in Jersey.  They all have communication issues and the inability to let anything go.  I mean really, Teresa saying Melissa lip-syncs is why there family is torn apart?!  It is just one little dig after another and everyone has something to say about it!  In this close knit community all they talk about is each other and you shouldn't throw stones when you live in a glass house unless you want to end up like these girls, simply shattered.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Princesses: Long Island, My Batmat of the Summer!

If there is one thing Bravo knows how to do, it's find a group of girls with mega-big personalities and bring them together to highlight each for their Breakfast Club stereotypes.  But wait, Bravo doesn't keep it that simple!  Throughout each season of their various series, the girls shatter those very same stereotypes and we see every problem a woman could face played out on at least one of the shows (breast cancer, infertility, divorce, alcoholism, etc.).  Princesses: Long Island does this with finesse, comedy, parents, Judaism and style!  It is so entertaining to watch and takes me through a roller coaster of emotions that no housewives' show has ever done.  This series is based on six women nearing 30 who are used to living with their parents (and off their money) until they marry.  So with each coming birthday the pressure is on to find Mr. Right and begin their own life.  Bravo puts us right into that critical time with these women on the prowl to get married and make a name for themselves along the way.  Here is a breakdown of the cast, their stereotypes, and the main drama we have seen so far in the first 3 episodes of Princesses: Long Island, enjoy!

Chanel (CoCo)The Perfectionist is the centerpiece of the group who strives as their leader to make everyone happy and get along.  She understands and practices her religion much more than the others which confused me because the premise of the show is that these girls live by Jewish tradition, so why did the others not know the components of a Shabbat dinner?  Channel is the only cast member that really feels the pressure to get married, even more so after her younger sister got hitched and is out of their parents home and wallet.  She strives for perfection but in everything around her, making CoCo her own worst critic.  Because she hasn't yet reached her goals and, as hard as she tries, can't make everyone get along she feels like a failure.  CoCo is kind hearted, fun spirited and has good intentions but we are yet to see her angry or fighting with any of her cast mates because of her need to keep the peace.  We also see her relationship with her ex-boyfriend in the newest episode, due to the pressure on her to marry she is struggling with letting herself settle for someone who doesn't treat her right.  I think that she probably muffles her feelings to avoid confrontation and we might just see her explode at some point.  Even the perfectionist must come to the realization that the world isn't perfect and that every story doesn't have a happy ending.    

Amanda - The New Jersey Barbie seems nice and definitely energetic but is not my cup of tea, something about her just rubs me the wrong way.  She doesn't seem to have any depth, she's just clueless.  While the others are trolling for men, she has a boyfriend, Jeff - The New Jersey Ken.  He is quirky, strange and has no depth either, making them the perfect couple.  Most of their conversation is simply "I love you baby" back and forth over and over again.  So far, their activities revolve around the sexual aspects of a relationship and him dressing her up.  Suiting their personalities, their relationship lacks any visible meaning.  In addition Jeff comes off as a bit creepy.  He is something like 15 years older than her, which I have no problem with, but when he went on a duel bathing suit shopping trip with Amanda's mom, Babs (who is closer to Jeff's age), constantly complimenting them both and commenting on how turned on he is, it made my jaw drop.  The whole thing is just strange!  I have to say that in the latest episode I was happy to see Amanda embrace her mom's need for party time and have a girls night.  She also showed character by choosing to have a good time out, but still be faithful to her boyfriend.  She also voiced disapproval at Erica's behavior which showed a good moral fiber that we hadn't seen before.  I doubt that Amanda will surprise me and really show off some intellect this season but we might get a taste of conflict that makes her relatable, you never know. 

Ashlee - The Little Princess is adorable, genuine and funny.  However these qualities are not helping her get hitched any faster and I am not entirely sold that she wants too.  She is extremely close to her father, Hal, they even go get mani-pedi's together and when she describes her perfect man it seems like she's just looking for a daddy replacement.  In their trip to the Hamptons she had some faux-pas during courting as she started the conversation with a potential suitor by telling him he forgot to take the sticker off his glasses, after he informed her that the apparent name brand isn't removable (weird!) she moved on to endless compliments about his looks claiming that he resembled a superhero and came off a bit ditsy when she called Clark Kent Edward Kent.  Then midst the conversation called her parents to describe him, on speaker, in front of him!  When another cast mate, Joey, went off on her, still in front of the Clark Kent potential, claiming she was breaking "all the girl rules" Ashlee explained herself and she did it well, with confidence and respect.  While she might not be attracting all the hot guys, I totally understand where she is coming from and I truly hope that there is that perfect guy out there that will fall in love with her charm and personality for who she is rather than abiding by some ridiculous "girl rules".   

Erica - The "It Girl" a decade ago, has fallen far from her throne.  She talks a mile a minute and says whatever is in her head at the time, from meditation one second to how she hates the names of all her 900 ex-boyfriends the next.  I just don't get her.  I have to agree with Casey when she says that its like different worlds with Erica and you never know what you are going to get.  She flip-flops back and forth when discussing how she stole cast member Casey's high school love.  First she claims she doesn't care if she slept with him five times, then gives a truly heartfelt, yet ridiculous, apology to Casey about how she is a changed person, next we see her telling Channel that it doesn't matter what she did when she was young that everyone goes through shit.  So which is it?  She mentions seeing her grandmother die at that age, but this "shit" she went through didn't effect her in all her relationships since, and she seems to forget that it was her actions that caused Casey's pain.  I am sure if someone murdered her relative that she would harbor resentment towards them for the rest of her life.  She is just completely tilted off her axis.  I question whether this is related to her problems with drugs and alcohol, which we see in the show, or after a life of being the mistress, a one or two time fling for a number of men, has driven her into her current situation.  In the latest episode, she brings up the fact that her boyfriend has trust issues with her, and they are well founded.  She is totally inappropriate with the men at the club and hits on everyone in reach, she even lies about having a boyfriend.  She is playing into her role as the mistress perfectly; that one time girl who doesn't have any respect for relationships, even her own.  I guess we will just have to wait and see if she too can breakthrough the obvious stereotype she has created.

Casey - The Independent Girl is different than the rest of the group, instead of staying home in Long Island she has begun to forge her own path in life as an artist out of NYC.  She also doesn't seem as determined to settle down as the other girls and she doesn't troll for men off the street but rather prefers to put the thought out of her mind and let it happen when it happens.  This is deeply routed in her past, which I relate to completely, by having a father who cheated on her mother and then at the very impressionable high-school age had a boyfriend ditch her on prom night for another girl (that girl happens to be cast mate, Erica).  While much of Joey's opinions on the show are absurd, she hit the nail of the head when describing Casey's heart as being overly blocked off.  She has to protect herself from entering a relationship that might end up in the same way.  These trust issues are hard to overcome and I really hope that she doesn't miss out on Mr. Right because of her past.  While many may think that she is over-reacting in her confrontation with Erica, and I am able to see that perspective, but it is important to remember that even though what Erica did was a decade ago it reverberated the issues with her father from over a decade before that.  It's a PTSD issue where the one thing that she feared the most happened to her and amplified her trauma.  I think that it is not so much about Erica, but what Erica represents - the mistress, a hated and terrifying person or personality who thinks it's okay to do whatever and then not take responsibility for how their actions effect others.  I am a big fan of Casey however she does need a little work on her delivery as her comments go misunderstood or misinterpreted with the other girls.  She is the pretty blonde who could get all the guys, but her guarded heart and trust issues keeps all men at bay.  Hopefully this group of misfits can get her to let loose and find love. 

Joey - The South Beach Girl is taken right off the Jersey shore, her looks and personality to boot.  She has an opinion about everything and doesn't seem to understand that it isn't her job to tell everyone else what they should be doing or thinking.  Despite this, she does seem to keep her mouth closed, sit back and watch the drama from afar loving the entertainment and taking a bit too much enjoyment from other people's pain.  When she brought along a south shore friend to an upscale neighborhood, she simply watched refusing to get involved when no one else could stop her friend from drunkenly harassing Amanda & Jeff about their friendship status on Facebook.  I happen to think that if you bring a plus one you have to take some responsibility for them, especially since they are not only embarrassing themselves, which has some say on your personality, but also accosting the other guests.  However, Joey doesn't seem to care as her going off about her own made-up "Girl Rules" was not only embarrassing to Ashlee (which she dodged with stunning self-confidence) but surly made the Clark Kent of the situation more uncomfortable than Ashlee and Channel's conversation with Hal.  She seems much more interested in the chase then actually settling down and doesn't care if the guy is an idiot or an asshole as long as he is fun right now.  There is difference between self-confidence and apathetic cockiness and Joey is definitely the latter.  While she doesn't come from as much money as the other girls she far surpasses them with attitude.  I have a feeling that this might be a bit of a front she puts on to make up for an insecurity. 

These girls couldn't be more unique and polar-opposites and I can't wait to see more!  Throughout the season I look forward to seeing which opposites attract and which ones repel as The Princesses of Long Island is a fresh, new spin on Bravo's long list of Housewife-type dramas.  There's definitely mishuga, mishpakhe and fargenign in this new hit! (excuse my Yiddish)

Monday, June 10, 2013

RHONJ: A Manzo of her Word

This week's episode lacked the normal table flipping drama we have become accustomed to in Jersey, but there were some notable highs and lows and a lot of in between in this week's The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Melissa & Joe's open house was an interesting tidbit, as Joe Gorga built it and thought it was a masterpiece but as we got to take a closer look, as we rarely get to do, we found out that at least some parts of their home were phony and fake.  I mean the bathroom without running water and what looks like fine marble is really just cabinet topper over wood?!  To add insult to injury the wood is chipped and falling off - some masterpiece.  In addition I still have to raise the fact that they are selling their supposed $6 million dollar house for $3.8 million just because the sister-in-law (Melissa) doesn't want to live close to Teresa?  Really! Meanwhile Joe and Teresa are being mediated by Caroline to fix this relationship.  So what happens when they fix it, and they took a $2.2 million dollar loss and they don't live by her anymore, thus straining the relationship?  Crazy, plain and simple.  

Caroline requested to meet Teresa after not having anything to do with her for quite some time and the last time they did see each other it didn't go so well.  While Teresa thought Caroline might want to apologize to her, which is insane, she quickly found out that the meeting wasn't going to be that amicable.  Bravo really played this "duel" up on the promotional clips for this episode but it was more of a puppy playtime than an cat fight.  They went back and forth and basically, when the end came to the point where Teresa agreed more or less with Caroline and told her to report back to her brother Joe Gorga that if he came to her, she would accept him with open arms.  The episode also showed a bit of Caroline and Albert's home life introducing another of Caroline's siblings who, after her divorce, has moved in with the Manzos.  Caroline stated that she accepts strays, when someone she loves needs a place to stay Caroline takes them in.  Her sister does the same...except with animals and she will even take in these animals in someone else's home.  You can see the strain it is putting on Albert- living in a zoo, which might cause some waves up ahead. 

We also see a stormy horizon with Kathy and Richie as they deal with their kids growing up.  Both parents take their son, Joseph, out driving and while Kathy tries to teach him, all Richie does is make jokes and a lot of them were pretty inappropriate for his son.  Things like always keep your eyes on the road even if there is a topless girl in the backseat.  I mean really?!  It is clear that not only Richie's jokes are taking a toll on Kathy but also the fact that their son is becoming more like his father, and Kathy does not want that!  There is a big similarity here with Heather and her husband Terry on The Real Housewives of Orange County and the guys should learn that cracking jokes 24-7 pisses off the wife.  Kathy and Richie also visit their daughter at her home town college and like we see the son possess traits of the father, we too see the daughter getting annoyed with daddy's antics.  There are two things with the daughter I don't get, if she lives at home why are they visiting her at school and becoming a nurse practitioner is a year to a year and a half program you can actually do it while your still in high school so at 19 why wouldn't she be done with school until she's 25? She should have a bachelors, masters and maybe even a PhD at that point.

In the category of "real people problems", Jacqueline and Chris's struggle with their child's autism is sprinkled through this episode.  I don't normally watch RHONJ to cry, it's more of an escape to watch them live out their petty problems as entertainment.  However this episode did bring me to tears as we see the rollercoaster of emotions Jacqueline goes through regarding her son.  In an interview with Parenting Magazine she cannot even recall how they first knew and finding a diagnosis without bursting into tears.  I have a lot of medical problems myself and underwent brain surgery in 2009, so I know first hand how a disability effects ones life.  However, I cannot imagine having to see my kids go through the pain I suffer.  It was a definite "high" though to see Chris not only support his son, but also his wife as they travel this journey together.  As a surprise, during a poker game with a large part of the cast, Chris brought the son in to tell his mother I Love You.  Three simple words to most of us, that Jacqueline had not heard her son say in over a year.  It was a beautiful moment that I think would have been better carried out in private, yet it showed not only the viewers but also the cast who shared the moment with them just how hard their struggle has been and not to take for granted what you have. 

This week wasn't a jaw dropping episode but it had it's moments and I'm looking forward to next weeks drama as the season is just beginning to unfold.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Premiere

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is one of Bravo's compilation of shows about a select, elite group of  "housewives" (some are married, some aren't even dating, some have kids, some have jobs - so housewife seems to be a relative term) of any given city.  However the New Jersey girls have some special spins to their show. First off they are all married and actual housewives.  In addition they have a special bond because through the seasons we follow two distinct families - The Manzos and The Gorgas.  This allows for a more plausible storyline that differs from forced parties, brand launches, vacations and charity functions in which the ladies, whether they are actually friends or not, must attend in order to get them together for the show and veers off into a more "real" reality as you can change your circle of friends but you cannot change your family.  Like The Real Housewives of Atlanta, that is African American based, New Jersey also has a common cultural bond of Italian decent.  The current cast consists of; Caroline & Albert Manzo (parents of Albie(27), Lauren(25), & Christopher(24)), Teresa & Joe Giudice (parents of Gia(12), Gabriella(8), Milania(6), & Audriana(3)), Jacqueline & Chris Laurita (parents of Ashley(22) Chris's stepdaughter, C.J.(13), & Nicholas(4)), Melissa & Joe Gorga (parents of Antonia, Gino, & Joey), and Kathy & Richie Wakile (parents of Victoria(19) & Joseph(17)).  While I have little to say about some of the housewives franchise, the drama on RHONJ is much more relatable and the constant bashing of personalities and opinions seem quite black and white to me, so it's easy to pick a side.  I predict that I will have a lot to say in the next few months about the show, but lets dive into the premiere episode Garden State of Emergency (June 2, 2013) where there is already so much to address!   

Following last seasons tumultuous times, we begin Season 5 with the families in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  While all they really lost was electricity and their "second homes" suffered some severe damage they took pause to consider how lucky they are and we see both Caroline and Teresa giving back to their communities. 

Being a fan from the beginning, when Teresa's brother Joe Gorga (not to be confused with her husband Joe Giudice) and his wife Melissa joined the cast, I became an instant Gorga hater out of loyalty.  However as last season progressed I was on the fence a bit, and it seemed Melissa might not be as bad as I thought.  This episode pushed me right back over the fence.  Both the Giudices and the Gorgas refuse to accept any fault in their family's situation and it seems like the reason they don't get along is because they are a lot more alike then either one of them is willing to admit.  It is not until their young daughters reach out to one another with "I miss you" letters and phone calls that they even begin to try to set up a playdate...and who knew it would be so difficult!  I have to admit, I understand.  Neither Teresa nor Melissa wants to leave their child with the other and they don't really want to see each other either so it becomes a text battle between the two in order to decide if Melissa will take them out, or if she will drop her daughter off at Teresa's home.   Finally, thanks to Teresa's eldest daughter Gia(11) it is decided that they will meet, all 4 of them, at a neutral zone so their daughters can play.  Throughout this playtime, the different parenting styles emerge as the kids engage in an arts & crafts bracelet making session.  Teresa just wants the kids to spend time together and have fun, while Melissa is so overbearing instructing the kids on how to make the bracelets, which beads to pick and even what colors and patterns are acceptable.  I have a 6 year old daughter and I have to say I am on Teresa's side - just let them play!  Another issue comes up as it turns out they have both scheduled their children's communions and parties on the same day.  Melissa is quite the bitch and takes the so what, I don't care, it is what it is side of things.  Teresa, concerned about her parents and probably other family members they share having to juggle both parties and make a choice on which grandchild's communion they will attend, offers to try to move her daughter's party to a different day.  I applaud her for this, but she didn't need to point out that she was being the "bigger person", I mean if you need to say it...  Melissa's true colors shine in this episode and all the feelings I had about her from the start became crystal clear.  She even talked about, in her one person interview, that Teresa refused to acknowledge the elephant in the room (which I have to say after watching all the housewife drama I am sick of that phrase) and say sorry.  I think that Melissa has just as much if not more to be sorry for, claiming she was going to move just so her kids wouldn't go to the same school as Teresa's, and it is ridiculous for her to keep sitting on some perched stool above it all like she hasn't done anything wrong.  Teresa on the other hand says she doesn't want to be fake and pretend everything is alright and she does just that.  Kudos!

We have a small storyline about Kathy and her sister's lesbian dating and a little bit about Jacqueline and her struggle with her son and his autism.  It was hard to watch the 3 year old having such a hard time communicating when I hear my 2 year old running around telling anyone who will listen exactly what she wants.  I am blessed for what I have and I am impressed with Jacqueline's patience and endurance with her son.  Jacqueline states that she is done with the Gorga/Giudice drama and it is on her priority list next to bleaching her asshole.  Kathy talks a bit about how she needs to speak her feelings from the start and not hold onto them until her mouth gets her into trouble. 

Apart from all that there is a little bit of Caroline thrown into the mix as she shows the Gorgas her new apartment.  With all of her kids grown and out of the house, Caroline and her husband Albert are considering downsizing.  While Joe Gorga makes a fun comment regarding how the Manzos are like kids again, moving out of the house and into an apartment, Melissa yet again seems to ruffle some feathers commenting on how Caroline is just chasing after her boys who also got an apartment in Hoboken a few years back.  Caroline makes a comment about people who think this in her one person interview, she called them stupid.  She also reaches out to Joe Gorga personally, which pisses Melissa off (sigh) commenting that Caroline should mind her own business, to encourage him to make nice with his sister or to at least not let it interfere with the kids.  We have seen the many ups and downs of the Manzos in previous seasons and with something like 10 siblings she has quite a bit of experience when it comes to these family feuds.

So the drama is back in play and we have a few frontrunners right out of the gate.  While Teresa and Caroline start the season off well, with good and seemingly honest intentions to make things better, Jacqueline and Kathy are neutral as usual, trailing behind we have Joe Gorga who isn't ready to make nice with the family and his wife Melissa being a bitch at every turn.  We will see how the story unfolds in the coming weeks!